Happy Fall!

It's so hard to believe its already this time of year, but your Fall mini sessions are right around the corner! This guide is to help you with what to wear, what to expect for you session and how to best prepare for what's to come!

What to wear

Start with Mom and coordinate the rest of the family from there. Not everyone has to wear solids so don't be afraid to add pattern! Layering is great too..  It adds texture to your images and also allows you to throw in that splash of color. 

No Logos!!

Pay attention to the little details.... Paint your nails, wear fun jewelry, bring along a cute hat or a cozy blanket that matches! Suspenders, bows in the hair, scarves.... little touches like this always look great.

Most importantly – dress in something you feel comfortable and confident in. It will show in the photos.

Please no to an APPLE or Garmin watch or hair ties on your wrist. Wear a cute bracelet if you have a tan line you need to cover up!

Light reflected in eyeglass lenses can create white spots and glare, leading to extra retouching charges. And tinted lenses cannot be lightened. I generally try to pose families so their backs are to the sun, but I just like to share this info as an FYI. 

Make sure you dress for the weather!

Before You Arrive


My favorite thing.. :D

Be sure to feed yourself and your children before the session, but not in the car on the way! You do not want to be cleaning up faces and clothes in the parking lot. Eating about an hour before the session ensures full bellies and enough time to brush teeth and wash faces & hands.

With that said, pack some non messy snacks (fruit snacks), tissues/wipes and some water! Kids always seem to want snacks even after they just ate and now is the time of year where those runny noses don't quit! If your little one needs a lovey or blanket to bring along to make them feel more comfortable, please do so! For the sessions by the lake be sure to bring an extra outfit for your kiddos and some towels!

Give Yourself Time

This one is especially for the Moms. We are always running around taking care of everyone else but often leave little or no time to take care of ourselves. Give yourself the opportunity to LOVE the way you look in the photos by allowing enough time to get yourself ready.

These sessions are only 20 minutes long. They will go really quickly! Please make sure you are AT LEAST 10 minutes early, otherwise that will cut into your session time. This is all about capturing your family, so I will only direct you to look at me a little bit, otherwise this is your time to be extra lovey, snuggly and playful with everyone!


The remainder of the payment will be due the day of your session. You can pay cash or Venmo @Hilary-Boespflug

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

I cannot wait to see you!